Yehudi Menuhin

“Ernest Bloch has always seemed to me to be one of the Seven Wonders. Like Hercules, a world of ecstasy, of pain rested on his shoulders. He also seemed at one with the great vistas and jagged peaks of the Swiss Alps, against which he loved to photograph himself (he was a superb photographer, one of the first generation of Leica fanatics!), as at Agate Beach, with the pounding Pacific breakers. He was cast by the gods in a superhuman mold — a prophetic scale of size and vision, of strength and vitality which exceeded the common mortal’s.”  — Yehudi Menuhin

[Both of the following entries can be found in Lewinski.]

Yehudi Menuhin came to visit the Blochs in Agate Beach on January 9, 1954.

Yehudi and Diana Menuhin came to see him on January 14, 1958 – from Portland, six hours by car for the round trip – to spend two very touching hours with them and to commission a work for solo violin.