A brief introduction to Ernest Bloch Societies:

Societies have been formed in the past to honor significant composers, but Ernest Bloch was so honored during his lifetime and well before a major portion of his oeuvre had been created, namely the magnificent compositions that emanated from his final years at Agate Beach, Oregon. Major figures from the world of the arts, letters, and sciences recognized the singular attributes of this creative titan, and were willing to lend their names and support to the first Ernest Bloch Society (1937). The advent of World War II essentially curtailed its activities. Eight years after the composer’s passing, an American-based Society was established (1967) with his three children heavily involved in its organization, development, and operation. Once again, prominent personalities from various spheres of activity served on advisory and honorary boards and as officers. The publication of an Ernest Bloch Society Bulletin was a vital part of the Society’s mission until it was phased out in 1991.

There are now Ernest Bloch Societies in Israel, Switzerland and the UK. Links to these organizations have been provided.